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Nothing is more special or sacred than a wedding. Two people who love each other coming together in union should never be taken lightly. And the same thought should be taken when it comes to your wedding musician selection. Let Florida Music Group take care of the wedding music so you can sit back and cherish your special day right here in Florida.

Wedding Musicians 

Scott Marischen

Performing ceremony music for South Florida weddings

Sunset Strings

Ceremony musicians who are available to play in Naples, Sarasota, Orlando and Tampa weddings

Rebecca Cosas

Performing for ceremonies in Tampa, Naples, Sarasota, and Jacksonville

The Importance of Music

Every year, two million weddings will take place just in the United States alone. The bride and groom will spend an average of about $25,000 on their wedding. What may surprise you is that most brides and grooms don’t think much about the music and entertainment before the wedding.

Yes, musicians are booked and it’s planned into the reception and sometimes into the ceremony, but it’s one of the lower priorities of a wedding. That is, until the wedding is over, then brides and grooms are left wishing they had spent more money on the entertainment or taken longer in selecting their musicians. Music is very important to any big day, as music can reach anyone and anybody. And on your wedding day, you’ll want only the best for your ceremony and cocktail hour music.

Wedding Musicians For Your Ceremony

What better way to make a stunning entrance than with a live band playing during your wedding ceremony? It’s a perfect opportunity to fully live in the love of the moment between you and your partner.

Having slow, melodic music flowing through your ceremony as you walk down the aisle may produce an extra tear or two, if not more. There are multiple instruments your wedding band can play with, depending on you and your partner’s tastes. You can go with traditional pianists, harpists and violinists to set the mood; this is your day afterall.

The differing sounds of keys over strings may help you narrow down the specific sound you’re looking for, as well as selecting which songs you want to play and when, can help make the sounds come together. Listening to them ahead of time through different instruments can aid you in picking the perfect sound.

String quartets are a great way of bringing together a fuller sound while still retaining that melodic sound. Combining two violins, a viola and a cellist, the beauty and romance of their music will help create the best moments of your life.

If classical music is not really your thing, don’t fret! Weddings are all about you and your partner, and what you want to create out of this day. If you prefer bagpipes, ukuleles, or a didgeridoo, then have them play during your day. It may prove to be a little trickier finding someone available to play these instruments, but don’t let that stand in your way. You may want to go with newer pop music as well. Most musicians are more than willing to learn the songs you want for your big day, and will go with whatever genre you pick.

Equally important is the lineup for your cocktail hour of music. Do you want the band to perform at both the ceremony and cocktail hour? Or have two separate bands for each occasion? Many bands will be able to accommodate most needs, including multiple venues and differing styles of music.

With the ceremony music comes grace, calm, and beauty, while with the cocktail hour, all limits are off! Most weddings will have a mix of music genres throughout the evening, catering to the audience as the evening goes on. During the cocktail hour, though, everyone is gathered and waiting for the new bride and groom to make their entrance during the reception.

There’s definitely a lot more excitement during the cocktail hour, therefore a more jazzy, snappy set of songs can keep that momentum going. Or if you prefer keeping the music more muted as it will not be long after the ceremony itself, this creates a more sweet, agreeable flow that may help if families of both partners don’t have a lot in common.

The Choice Is Clear

Whether you were intending on having ceremony music or not, the choice is pretty clear that having a live band perform will be nothing short of magical. The dazzling sounds of melodic music wafting in as you make your entrance will definitely leave people in awe of your big day. There are so many choices in bands and genres for the ceremony music to make it specifically you and your partner’s, there’s no wrong way to go. As well as with the cocktail hour music selection, catering to your specific genres of music and what would flow the best between your families will win, no matter what you choose.

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