Tampa Party & Wedding Band

Tampa Party & Wedding Band

Are you in the middle of planning a future wedding? If so, then it’s time to consider entertainment options that will make your wedding night one of your most memorable ones. Don’t you want a night that will blow away your friends and family and make them want their own explosive wedding? If you agree with us, then you’ll want to consider a live Tampa wedding band to perform for your venue. There are many reasons to go with live music over a DJ, and with the help of our expert team here at Florida Music Group, we’ll make sure you have the best band to turn your wedding into the best celebration you’ve ever had.

The Hottest Tampa Wedding Band:
Finesse Band

Our fun ten-piece band, Finesse Band, gets all their experience blowing up the Orlando and Tampa areas with hot music. Their talents have been cultivated by countless performances across the theme parks in both cities including Universal, Disney, Busch Gardens, Cirque du Soleil, and The Blue Man Group. These places get visitors from all over the world, so this band knows how to match anyone’s tastes and styles to ensure everyone’s dancing on the dance floor. With styles ranging from Big Band, Oldies, Motown, funk, and favorites throughout the decades, you can’t go wrong with Finesse Band. They also have lots of experience performing for all kinds of events, from weddings to corporate events and more. Even if you aren’t in Tampa or having your wedding in Tampa, Finesse Band will fly out to make your wedding a night to remember.

Why Live Music is the Best Choice

When it comes to wedding music, you have three major options. The first is to just play your own music over the venue’s sound system. The only advantage to this option is that it’s cheap, but for one of the greatest nights of your life, you probably don’t want your and your future spouse’s favorite hits getting muffled through an unreliable sound system, not to mention it will be hard for you to adjust the music on the fly. Then you have a professional DJ as an option. These artists deserve lots of respect as they take all your favorite songs and feel the room to make sure the venue is having a great time. Their flexible selection of music is also nice if you have a venue full of people with different tastes, but there’s something about a DJ’s performance that doesn’t really light up the sky for your wedding.

Live music, on the other hand, transforms your wedding venue into a performance stage catered exactly to your needs and wants. They’ll have their live vocals and instruments filling the space and pulsing through everyone at the wedding. Music is something you can feel after all, and it’s felt in no better place than in person. Your live band will also provide visual entertainment with their performance on top of their musical prowess, just like having your own personal concert. For us, it’s a no brainer that this is the best option for musical entertainment at your wedding.

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Ready to book a Tampa wedding band to cater to your big night? We at Florida Music Group offer musical entertainment for not only weddings, but also corporate events, galas, award ceremonies, and more. No matter what you’re planning, if you want to transform your event into a luxurious celebration, then contact us today.