Are you looking for a fantastic group of musicians to play at your wedding? Here at Florida Music Group, we tell you why our group is the best music group in Florida. We play music at the highest level so you can rest assured that your special day will have music that you will not forget. Our close-knit team of expert musicians has performance degrees and various credits such as awards nationally, sessions in the studio, and composition awards. These credits demonstrate that we are more than just an average music group, but rather a group of musicians who care deeply about what we do and how we can entertain everyone around us. We love playing at weddings; however, we also love playing at festivals, playing for Corporate Entertainment, private events, and more! Our group focuses on music only because having other careers would get in the way of what we love to do most, which are play music and entertain those around us.

Break The Ice at Any Corporate Entertainment Event

Corporate entertainment events can be exciting, energetic, and oh so fun with the addition of a great live band. Show your staff how much they are appreciated and throw the function of the year with our live bands!

Weddings, Corporate Entertainment, And More

We love playing music for all different functions because there is no one type of music for events that disappoint us. However, it is no secret that weddings are a significant aspect of our group and our business as a whole. When people get married, they want to make sure that the music is perfect for every ceremony stage. With our group at your wedding, you will be able to hear tear-jerking melodies during the ceremony, soft but catchy background music during the cocktail party, and the best dance music possible during the after party. We promise to be a considerable part of your special day and night because we know how much music can make or break it. We love collaborating with the guests and completely immerse ourselves in what means the most to you at your wedding. Our group can play anything from the classics to customized music that suits you precisely. Between our years of experience and musical skills, you will never forget your wedding.

We Are Family

Aside from the common interest of cherishing music, our group of musicians adore each other. We are indeed a family because we do everything together and share some of the most memorable moments. We perform together, live together, eat together, and everything else! Having a close group like us at your event will showcase how much you value connection and passion for music.

We don’t advocate bombarding our musicians with requests, of course, but if there’s one song that someone’s just gotta hear, our band is here to save the day. Hum the tune if you don’t know the name – chances are they will!

Take The Stress Away

One of the main reasons we love sharing details about our group and what we do is that we want you to let us handle the music, and you do the rest. We want music to be the exciting and relaxing part of your event, which is why we are here to tell you that we can perform for you at the best of our ability and fully satisfy you and your guests.

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Florida Music Group are professionals who want you to know all about our wedding entertainment, festival entertainment, Corporate Entertainment, and more. There is no event that we cannot perform at because we are indeed the best group in Florida. Call or visit us today for more information!


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