How To Choose The Best Cocktail Hour Music For Your Wedding!

by | Dec 1, 2020

You want your wedding day to be the happiest day of your life, and your guests to effortlessly share your joy all day long. Don’t underestimate what well-selected cocktail hour music can add to your wedding bliss and your guests’ entertainment. When you choose a Tampa wedding band for the big day, remember that Florida Music Group can bring sensational song selection to your reception, ceremony, or cocktail hour. You can trust our advice because we are the best in Florida!


Provide Cocktail Hour Music For A Smooth Transition


When it comes to wedding planning, the details don’t end with finding a partner and saving a date. From gowns to flowers to photography to food, the list of vendors to secure can start to feel longer than the train on your dress. That said, don’t be tempted to nix the tunes at your cocktail hour, the interval in between the ceremony and reception. As you and your new spouse take photos with the wedding party and extended family, the rest of your guests will be left watching the clock and waiting for you. Get their party started early by hiring a fun Tampa wedding band for the cocktail hour. Your guests will feel more at ease mingling with one another and tasting your hand-picked hors d’oeuvres to music that fits the mood. 


Pick A Band That Reflects Who You Are


Although you want your guests to enjoy themselves, this day is for you and your partner; style your music however you’d like. We recommend choosing a band that reflects something about you as a couple. Perhaps you met overseas in Europe, and the music of an accordion folk ensemble brings you back to those early days of falling in love. If you and your partner enjoy classical music, a string quartet will bring the perfect amount of class and finesse to your cocktail hour. Maybe you live in a big city now, but you grew up in the country and have never abandoned your love of bluegrass. Don’t be shy about your tastes and experiences; tell your story through the music you select. Your guests might fall in love with a new style! 


Amuse Your Guests With Local Style


If any of your guests hail from out of town or your wedding is in an exotic destination, consider incorporating a local-style band. For instance, steel drums can be a tuneful reminder of your Jamaica locale, while nothing says Chicago like a jazz quartet. Call attention to the setting with your choice of ensemble, and remember, it’s only an hour. The dancing will kick off at your reception, so feel free to explore all kinds of style possibilities for the cocktail hour.


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