How To Spice Up Your Wedding Rehearsal With Live Music

by | May 17, 2021

Weddings can be rather boring if you do not have the proper entertainment. Luckily, Florida Music Group will bring you the best live music for your wedding, so your guests will be entertained throughout the day and night. There are many things you can do to make your wedding romantic and fun for everyone, and we want to help you with both of these things. Weddings are stressful to plan as is, so we want to ease some of this stress by providing wedding rehearsal ideas and tell you about our music. We perform all over Florida and many other locations, so we have the experience that you need at your wedding. There is so much that our music can bring on your special day, such as an amazing performance, songs that everyone knows, songs that you request, and songs that everyone can dance to. Our music pairs well with any activity, and playing it live will allow the guests to be in the moment and enjoy your special day. 


How Music Can Make Or Break Your Wedding Rehearsal 

It is key to pick appropriate songs for the occasion so you stay true to the theme of your wedding or what you want at your wedding. With our live music, you will be able to appreciate the performance as well as listen to crystal-clear music right from our instruments instead of a recorded track. Songs from a playlist or recorded music can be lovely, but they are not very unique to your special day. Songs that are played right in front of you allow you and your guests to be in the moment. Our group offers romantic music for your dinners and first dance, but we also offer songs that are fun to dance to after the ceremony is over. We believe that having a variety at a wedding is key and transitioning from one song to the next is much better live than if you were to put a playlist on. There is nothing like the sound of live instruments at a wedding. 


Other Entertaining Ideas 

Other than live music, there are many other ways to keep your guests occupied, so they do not get bored. Here are some fun activities that you can consider partaking in at your wedding: 

  • Set up a photo booth or a really fun photographer 
  • Variety of food 
  • Hire someone to DJ 
  • Set up a game room 



Remember that your wedding is unique to you, so you can throw any kind of party that you want. Our group will be happy to play any music you want on your wedding day to impress your guests and keep them entertained all night. We want you to enjoy the day and night without worry about the smallest things like the music. 


Contact Us 

Florida Music Group is here to play the best music live at your wedding. We take pride in how many weddings we have performed across Florida and many other areas. Call or visit us today if you want us to play at your wedding rehearsal.