Reasons Why A Corporate Event Band is Needed at Your Awards Ceremony

by | May 18, 2020

An awards ceremony is a fantastic way to raise company morale, to recognize employees who excel beyond measure, and to create an opportunity for your entire team to build connections. If you’re planning such an event, there are many components you need to consider in order for this event to be a success. One of those components is entertainment. Depending on the size of your team, it can be increasingly difficult to ensure that each person is having a good time. We at the Florida Music Group, in Tampa, have a great solution for this: live music with a corporate event band.


Why Entertainment is Essential

Holding a corporate event is something that’s designed to encourage your team to bond, to build a stronger connection to your brand, and to increase their work performance. This is a time that is meant to make them excited and happy, but if the event itself is relatively boring outside of the ceremony, it can start to have the opposite effect. In regard to an awards ceremony, you run the risk of others losing interest if the ceremony becomes too monotonous. This is where the live music comes in. Your hired band will be able to chime in and out as recipients walk up to the stage and podium. It keeps the energy in the room high and gives your audience something to interact with. 


How to Utilize Your Corporate Event Band During The Ceremony

Regarding award ceremonies, there are a few great times where your band can play to add to your script as you transition through each phase of the event. Here are the points you should consider, which will help you communicate with your band to provide the greatest experience:

  • While Individuals Walk Up to Accept Awards
    • As mentioned above, having the music chime in while each award-winner walks up to the podium helps to fill the dead space between their announcement and the next. This helps liven the atmosphere and keep things from dragging on.
  • During the Final Award Announcement
    • As you announce the final award, you can have your live band help build suspense in the room with some lively music. This helps get everyone excited for the final reveal and helps signify the finality of it.
  • During Tribute Videos
    • Tribute videos can often have music playing in the background, but having that music come from a live band will feel more authentic and impactful than if it’s just playing on loudspeakers.
  • Support Jokes and Other Main Points During the Ceremony
    • Often during an awards ceremony, there will be an opening speech, talking points, and closing remarks. If you’re planning to add in some jokes or humor to lighten up the atmosphere, consider choreographing musical backup to help accentuate your punchlines.


Reach Out to Book a Live Band Today

If you’re ready to hire a live band to complement your upcoming award ceremony and make the event one to remember, then we at the Florida Music Group are here to make it happen. Based in Tampa, we can provide the perfect band for you no matter where you’re located. Contact us now to find the perfect corporate event band for your ceremony and get the planning underway.