Why A Live Band For Your Corporate Event is a Must!

by | May 1, 2020

A corporate event requires a lot of planning to pull off! You’ll have to coordinate between your caterers, photographers, and event space in order to ensure that everybody is able to set up correctly and on time for the event. You may also need to manage staff within your company who are assisting with planning the event. Employees and guests will probably have queries regarding attire and parking. Somewhere in all of this, you will have to choose the right entertainment that can appeal to a large number of people from diverse backgrounds and interests, and that remains work-appropriate. This is where a live band comes in! Hiring a live band is the perfect way to make your event memorable and also saves you the work of putting together a playlist. Read on to learn more about why a live band for your corporate event is just the thing to pull it together! Florida Music Group is here to take the hassle off your hands of hiring the perfect band. Call Florida Music Group for your Tampa corporate event entertainment needs today!


Why You Should Hire A Live Band For Your Corporate Event


There are many reasons why hiring a live band for your corporate event is a great idea:

  • Live bands will provide variety to your event – Have you ever been to a party where you just weren’t feeling the music? Nothing will result in a worse experience for your guests than music that is unable to get them on their feet or tapping their toes. You should look for a live band with a repertoire that spans a range of genres and styles, from classic rock to top 40 hits to oldies to R&B and Latin. This means that there will be something for everybody, from the 20-year-old intern to Karen in accounting. The bands that Florida Music Group has assembled are experienced with corporate events and are highly versatile, so there will always be something to your liking.
  • Live bands offer flexibility- One key benefit to hiring a live band is the flexibility that comes with having your musicians in the same room as your guests. If classic soul doesn’t click with some of your guests, they will be able to adjust and easily change to something more modern and upbeat. The experienced live bands Florida Music Group offers can help keep the mood always at the right level with the music that they perform. 


Hire A Live Band For Your Corporate Event Entertainment

  • For smaller events of 500 people or less, our live bands can provide their own equipment.  For large scale concert-sized events we can provide everything except the front of house sound system and offer a very simple and turnkey process.  
  • Good live bands offer extra services- Not only do our bands bring their own equipment for smaller events of 500 people or less, but we also include a professional sound tech on every event we do.  This ensures that the sound is always at it’s best, always high-quality and never overbearing.  Our sound techs are always the same key professionals who have been running the show for many years and can handle all details of the bands sound whether we use our sound system or tap into your exiting front of house system.


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