Everything You Need To Know About Event Budget!

by | Nov 9, 2020

Creating an event, making sure everything goes according to plan, the revenue potential, and so much more is determined by the budget. In Miami, events will be organized, planned to every detail, all within the event budget. Florida Music Group will help ensure your finances stay on track. With the calculator and other tips to help your even revenues, the planner will help you worry less about the expenditures with everything in place. FMG is also one of the top performers that specialize in only four select bands responsible for your event. They play around Florida, national, and international as well!


Event Budget with FMG

Any event will require a budget, and FMG takes that responsibility seriously with a detailed plan. For your event or dinner party, the details fall around projected expense, details, items, and actual expense. Details such as:

  • Housekeeping, baggage handling, function space, and other rental fees.
  • Food catering, including tips, and gratuities.
  • Decor and other centerpieces.
  • Transportation.
  • Activities.
  • A total of all expenses, this includes the gross budget and net budget for the profitability of the event.
  • Fixed costs or overhead costs, such as the set-up fees for the venue.
  • Other expenses and other miscellaneous items that weren’t previously listed.
  • Depending on the size of the event, be prepared to have up to at least 20% for allowance, in case there are unplanned expenses.
  • Lastly, summarize both projected and actual expenses. The projected expense is the information you need and want for the actual event. When the event is over, the actual expenses are then accumulated.


Understanding Your Budget

It is also important to have a determined objective for the whole event that includes the budget. This will help define the priorities you need to help change the perspective of the attendees on whether it is a profit-driven or non-profit event. Not to confuse tools with goals or getting too detailed, and that’s what we’re here to help you with.



FMG has world-class entertainers for your planned event; they play around Florida, nationally, and internationally as well! With performances at weddings, corporate events, ceremonies, fundraisers, and other private pirates. Each of the four bands have had extensive experience and training for upscale clientele and luxury events. With a wide range of presentation, style, flavor, and energy, we offer a variety of entertainment for your unique style. Whether you want electrifying and energetic, to harmony and choreography, classical, or jazz, we have it all! Our four band leaders have the expertise you need for your event to go smoothly and bring memorable experiences for years to come.


Contact Us Today!

With Florida Music Group, we offer both planning for your event budget and high-class entertainment. No need to plan extremely detailed events or worry if you went over budget with any unplanned expenses. We have you covered in Miami with whatever you need for your occasion, as they play around Florida, nationally, and internationally as well. Reach out to us today and see one of our four bands and what kind of energy you want to bring as well as the fun experiences that come with FMG!