Steps When Choosing An Event Venue For Your Live Music Event!

by | Feb 22, 2021

When does an event become an experience? At Florida Music Group, we specialize in finding venues for powerful performances that create lasting memories. We know amazing experiences don’t just happen; they are created. Whether you’re looking for a place that suits an Orlando wedding band, or the perfect beachside brunch wind trio location, finding the right event venue is crucial to capturing that perfect tone. To help, we have curated a list of considerations you’ll want to keep in mind when you’re selecting your venue. 


Perfect Event Venue 101: The Basics 

The first items to consider are the practicalities. 


  • Attendance 
  • Budget


These two areas will be the ones with the least wiggle room. If you are planning to have an intimate affair, a grand ballroom will feel awkwardly empty and under-attended. Likewise, trying to fit 200 people into a funky art gallery will have guests feeling hot, cramped, and, well…funky! 


The size of the guest list will impact your budget because the more people you invite the more expensive the event. Does your guest list match your budget? Keep in mind that selecting the right venue can impact your budget beyond rental fees. 


Perfect Venue 201: Understanding The Extras 

The true cost isn’t always clear. That’s because venues aren’t always upfront about what they include. Make sure you inquire about these three categories to avoid surprises down the line. 


  • Location – Are any of your guests from out of state? Are you? If so, you might need to consider the venue’s proximity to an airport and hotels. If local, parking may be an issue. Does the venue provide this? If they do, would this cost extra? 


  • Amenities- Some will be full service. Rental prices will reflect that. Others may seem like a bargain, but require renters to provide tables, chairs, decorations, and everything else.


  • Theme – If black-tie attire is a must, then a beach affair is probably not ideal. 


Start Looking Early 

You can’t have a party if you don’t have a venue. For this reason, selecting a venue should be your first point of business when planning your event. You should begin planning far enough in advance so that you have a window of available dates that could work for your event.


This is especially true if you’re looking to book a popular Orlando wedding band during late spring and early summer. If there is a particular band or talent you have to have, providing a window of possible dates will widen your possibility of booking them. The farther out you plan, the more likely they will be available. 


Contact Us 

What kind of event are you creating? Are you looking for an Orlando wedding band to keep your attendees dancing until dawn? Or maybe a laid-back jazz quartet to enchant donors at your next fundraiser? Whatever your event (or your event venue) Florida Music Group’s musicians have the talent and artistry to make your event an experience. Get in touch and let us help you make your experience amazing.