Couples – Avoid These Common Mistakes When Deciding on a Band for Your Wedding

by | Jun 22, 2020

As the world slowly begins to bounce back from recent events, more and more people are beginning to plan their future weddings. After all, this is a great time to get started on all manners of event planning. That said, one important detail that’s easy to overlook with a wedding is the music you want to be playing. Hiring a live band is a phenomenal idea, but you want to be sure you make the right choice in your selection. Here in Tampa, we at the Florida Music Group are experts when it comes to live music, and we want to help you know about some common mistakes we’ve seen couples make when selecting a wedding live band so you don’t do the same. A wedding is supposed to be one of the biggest days of your life, after all, so making the right decision and doing the appropriate planning is essential.


Common Music Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring a Live Band or DJ

It’s no doubt that wedding planning can be a stressful time, but as long as you take it one step at a time, you can approach each aspect with the proper rationale you need going into each decision. When it comes to music, it can be easy to write off your options quickly without thinking much of the situation, but it’s still important to take your time. With that in mind, we want you to avoid a few common pitfalls:

  • Not Planning Enough
    • Planning with your music means a few things. First, do you want a live band or a DJ? Each has its advantages and disadvantages. Live bands give a better performance for example, but their song choice may be tighter, and they’ll require a bigger budget. The opposite is true for a DJ. Talk through which is better for your wedding.
  • Ignoring the Venue
    • If you want a classic church wedding, then you’ll want to consider your wedding officiant, as they might restrict certain kinds of music in their house of worship. Be sure to know what you can and cannot play in this circumstance.
  • Not Picking Must-Play Music
    • For your big night, you’ll probably want to play some of your favorite songs between you and your spouse. Make sure to go over what songs you definitely want with your band or DJ as well as what songs are completely off-limits if there are some things you don’t want to have played at your wedding.
  • Not Establishing a Theme
    • You don’t just want a hodgepodge of any music, but a cohesive theme to the music to give your wedding a feel for you and your guests. Keep your theme simple, but meaningful, that way the music that plays is all part of the best genre to set the right mood.


We Recommend Live Bands

When it comes to music choices, your main options are between live music and a DJ. If your budget has room for it, then we believe live music is the better of the two options. Technically, DJs have the advantage of people being able to play more kinds of music, but when you have a music company with many live bands to choose from, you’ll have the luxury of choosing the band that fits your theme already. As we mentioned, you want to pick a theme and stick with it, so as long as you can find a live band that knows how to execute that theme, the benefit of versatility no longer applies.


From there, it’s all about the performance your music choice brings to the table. DJs can make for a fun and fantastic night, but there’s just no comparison when it comes to the added visual performance of the live band, and the feeling of the vocals coming straight from the singer’s vocal cords resonating throughout the venue. In our opinion, a wedding live band performance is far superior to that of a DJ.


Contact Us for the Best Wedding Live Band Music

We at the Florida Music Group are located in Tampa, but no matter where you’re having your wedding, we can deliver the best musical performance. Hiring a live band should be easy, and we’ll make it easier by offering to fly to your venue no matter the location. All you have to do is contact us and plan ahead using your theme to find the best live band for your needs.