Prepared To Have The Best Time Of Your Life! Florida Live Bands!

by | Aug 17, 2020

Do you have an upcoming business event, or perhaps it’s an upcoming wedding? Event entertainment is a major factor you’ll want to consider to ensure that you and your guests have the best time possible. Weddings, especially are all about having the best night of your life, so when it comes to finding the right music, live bands are what we at Florida Music Group recommend. Here in Tampa, we offer live bands for hire that can travel anywhere in the world to provide some of the best musical entertainment you’ll be able to find. With bands from several corners of Florida, each with their own A-list performers and musical styles, you can bring your event to life with our help.


Why Choose Live Bands for Weddings and Corporate Events?

When you’re planning an event, music choice is a must as music adds atmosphere while also promoting activity and social engagement. You have a few options to choose from. You can just set music to play on your own speakers or the speakers at the venue, but this option fails to engage with the people at the event and can feel dated. When you’re planning an event, you’re likely working on a budget of some kind, and entertainment is absolutely a category worth investing in.


DJs are the cheaper option, and while they can bring a massive library of song choices, are skilled at reading the room and providing the best kind of entertainment they can, they lack the ability to bring that music to life. A live band, on the other hand, isn’t just customizing their song choice for you, but they’re also customizing their performance for you. They bring an all-new, jaw-dropping kind of experience, and the music will fill the space in a way that immerses you in it rather than just being loud. For weddings especially, this is your big night, so why invest in the absolute best options available to you? A live band will make a wedding night that much more memorable, and the performance enthusiasm will infect the entire venue with joy and celebration in a way a DJ just cannot do.


Meet Our Band Leaders

At Florida Music Group, we have several bands for hire to choose from–each led by a phenomenal band leader who will ensure your event will be a major hit.

  • Andrew Garrison
    • The Hit Factory Band’s leader grew up surrounded by music with roots in church choir. Having developed his musical skills through school and college, he went on to teach jazz and music before finding his way into The Hit Factory Band. Now, they perform with an emphasis on youth and electrical performances to make viewers dance with vivacity.
  • Bob Schilling
    • Band leader of the Headliners Band, Schilling grew up in a musical household. His father was a bandleader in Washington DC, and music was ingrained into his blood from his earliest years learning Piano. While working in music at every step in his life, he now leads the Headliners Band in international performances with a style that’s over-the-top in the best way possible.
  • Jacin Nagao
    • Nagao is a guitarist, saxophonist, vocalist, and music director of the Miami Beats. He brings with him years of music education from the University of Miami and has been on tour with some major names like Flo Rida and Ricky Martin. The Miami Beats brings that hot Miami spice to any venue.
  • David Martin
    • Graduate of the University of Central Florida, Martin was a born musician that lives and breathes music. Being in Orlando, he and his Finesse Band bring to any event the entertainment quality fit for Orlando’s theme parks, which people travel from around the world to see.


Contact Us to Find Bands for Hire Today

If you’ve begun planning for your upcoming event, now is the best time to reach out about live bands for your venue’s entertainment. You can contact us at our Tampa location to hear more about our fantastic bands. Remember that we’ll come to you no matter where you are, so distance isn’t an issue.