Can Live Event Music Make Us Feel Like We Did Pre-Covid?

by | Feb 15, 2021

With the last year behind us, you may be itching to get out and explore again. With the spring and summer months coming, nothing is better than live event music and concerts. Will they return though? If you happen to be looking for bands for hire, whether for a wedding or a work function, live music may help bolster your audience and bring them together in the coming year. Florida Music Group plays nationally and internationally, as well as the Florida area, making it easy to book them in advance and start feeling normal again.


What We Lost Last Year

A lot of individuals were hit hard when Covid first hit: many businesses had to shut down, some permanently as they couldn’t keep up with the newer rules and codes. A large number of restaurants closed or revamped their entire menu and service to accommodate larger to-go orders and deliveries. The music industry though, may have gotten hit the hardest. Concerts were shut down completely, leaving bands with no real means of revenue, along with all the crews of the bands and the event centers. Promoters and booking agents lost their jobs as well, and may have the hardest time coming back once live music is able to return as well. According to Pollstar, the global ticket business lost a total of $9.7 billion in just ticket sales, and an estimated $30 billion lost to merchandise, concessions, sponsorships, and other ancillary factors.   


Both musicians and audiences alike want to get back out there and play and listen to great live music, but that may be a long ways out still.  Most researchers are saying that with vaccines rolling out even this year, it may not be until 2022 until most indoor venues will be able to start up again. Reaching every American and getting a vaccine will take most of this year alone, plus ensuring the number of deaths and spreading decreases will take additional months after that. Additionally, it will be tricky for a lot of venues to determine whether someone is vaccinated and can attend the event, which is pushing back operations as well. Some smaller, outdoor venues may happen as early as this fall, but it’s a big “if” at this point. It’s still a little early to tell, but as the months go by we can only wait and wish.  


What Live Event Music Can Bring Back

If you’re wondering how long you’ll have to wait to hear live music, there are some ways that live music may be around the corner. There are a lot of events that you may end up attending which could have live music. If your company will be holding corporate events or get togethers, they may get a band for hire to bring some of that authentic live energy back to their business. If you may be attending or throwing a gala or fundraiser either for work or your volunteering work, live music can bring vitality and enthusiasm to your party in no time. And if weddings are in your future, of course having a band there to give the ceremony and reception the most magic is always a sure win for you and the audience. A lot of businesses can utilize open air areas in their community to hold parties and functions, thus being able to provide a band for the audience and make it a real party. 


With the music industry is still trying to figure so many factors out, it’s time to make your own fun. Going to concerts is a raw, electric feeling of giving in to the music and having a great time. With over a year under your belt without them, it can feel draining and a little lackluster going through the day-to-day without something fun on the weekend to look forward to. Bringing back a band, even just for one event, can give you the boost you need to forge on through this year, no matter what comes your way. 


Bring That Feeling Back

Live music brings people together no matter what genre they love. There’s always a gap that music can help fill, now more than ever. With everyone experiencing a loss in being able to attend live events and concerts, the pull and eagerness to attend some kind of function with real music is becoming more and more of a dream for some people. Since concerts, especially indoors, don’t seem to be making it onto the docket anytime soon, take advantage of the events around you and if you can, stir up some live music yourself. You will thank yourself later when you and your audience are able to listen to live music bouncing off the speakers and your heart pumping.     


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