The Way Live Music Makes You Feel, Can Add To Your Event!

by | Feb 8, 2021

Music touches people in different ways. Some people feel instantly happy and ready to dance, while others take comfort and heal from the deep meanings of specific notes and lyrics. However you appreciate music, one thing that most anyone will agree with is that live music offers the best emotive experience. If you are looking for a Florida wedding band this year, Florida Music Group is here. We offer multiple talented groups of performers so you can pick the right style and flair for whatever your big event may be. Centrally located in Florida, we also perform nationally and internationally. 


What Music Means To People

Although listening to the same song can bring about different emotions for each individual, the music itself still evokes something powerful in everyone. Three studies were conducted a few years back that found people who listen to music all perceived it the same, despite having differing circumstances to how they connected to the song. They still shared a common experience with the music despite their cultural, ethical or age differences. 


Why music is so powerful to everyone most likely relates to implicit memory. This type of memory is more reactive and unintentional, as well as emotional, when it comes to remembering something. Implicit memory isn’t specific to music, but it’s the most common way we remember certain periods or events of our lives like it was just yesterday. Listening to that old 80s pop song might instantly take you back to high school prom, or when your car broke down on the highway.    


What Live Music Brings To The Experience

No matter how you look at it, having music live during your event will bring the best out of the experience. Galas, fundraisers, award ceremonies, corporate events, weddings, or private parties all can benefit from live performers. It brings a high level of energy you can’t get from anything else, including previously recorded music. 


Experiencing live performers and music during your event will keep the attendees energized and more involved in the proceedings, whether it’s a fundraiser or a corporate event. The attendees won’t be distracted, but instead drawn in to the specific activities. For corporate events, it can bolster those team-building feelings you want to instill in your employees. For a fundraiser, it can potentially increase how much money people put forward for your cause. And of course a gala will reap the benefits of live performers since it’s all about the glitz, drinks and dancing. Having performers that will be more interactive, walking out into the audience, will also be perfect for a gala to keep everyone on the dance floor and feeling good. 


Of course, music live during a wedding also brings a more natural flow and authenticity than a DJ, especially if you’re planning a set of songs during the ceremony itself. Experiencing a wedding ceremony complete with violins, cellists, or string quartets is something magical that can’t be reproduced with prerecorded music. And people will really cut a rug during the reception and dinner with real music and singers present to get the blood pumping.  


Real Music Works

No matter the event on your schedule, when you have real music playing, it sets a tone for how the event will go: either flop or flourish. Live, energetic music appeals to any individual, regardless of the genre playing and will only flourish as the event continues on. Music touches people and brings them together, especially during events when most of them already have one thing in common through attending your event. Whether you’re looking for a Florida wedding band or a band for a Wisconsin private party, keep in mind that they can get booked quickly, especially during the summer months, so make sure you get your performers picked and secured fast.  


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