Make Your Live Wedding Band Experience Worthwhile!

by | Jan 1, 2021

With the new year ahead of us, the possibilities are endless, especially if those involve tying the knot. Planning your wedding is no small feat, especially with more things to take into consideration, with the coronavirus on the forefront of that list. But nothing should stand in the way of your momentous occasion, including finding a great, live wedding band. Read on to find out more on getting the most out of your music choice, and where to find the best wedding performers in Orlando.


Make Sure You Know What You Want

There is a wide variety of wedding bands out in the US, and you don’t want to settle for the first one you see online. Make sure to do your research online and look at reviews, but also talk to friends and family, and see if they’ve personally heard or know of them. Look into any recommendations you get and listen to them live if you can. The last thing you want to do is accidentally pick a Georgia wedding band when you needed a Florida wedding band, or vice versa. Also start brainstorming on the songs you know you want on your playlist, and songs that would make your ears bleed if they were played.  


Narrowing Down Your Actual Live Wedding Band

You may have a few bands in mind but don’t really know how else to narrow it down. One way you can get a better feel of their routine is to ask for a copy of their playlist. Most bands will play 3 sets of an hour, with slightly varying genres in each hour segment. During the first hour of music is typically during the dinner, therefore the band is going to be playing softer, smoother music for this occasion, like jazz. The next hour, however, is usually post-dinner and when guests are ready to let loose and dance, thus the playlist is going to be general dance and pop music that everyone will enjoy. The final hour is when most children have shuffled away and everyone is enjoying themselves (and the bar), so the music can be a little more intense or catered to specific songs you may want to hear but not your aunt or uncle. 


Band’s playlists can be adjusted based on your musical preferences, but sometimes the band has a specific set for a reason, or may do more of a stage show like choreography along with the music. Putting in random songs of your choice may throw this rhythm off and make the band more stiff and robotic than planned, so keep this in mind when editing any playlists. Staying in communication with your band on your likes and dislikes, along with trusting them the day of the reception and throughout the performance will keep you stress-free and able to concentrate on the dinner and evening itself. 


The band itself can fluctuate as well, depending on how many instruments you want live and the size of your reception. Some bands will offer a lower number of actual band performers and use music tracks to offset on a few songs, or offer a larger group of band performers and have all the instruments right there at the party. It’s up to you how you want to arrange the set up, and hearing both the fully live and live with music tracks may help you decide which route to go. 


A Day to Remember

Hopefully you have been able to narrow down your search to the perfect band. Now book them! Many bands can be booked for months and sometimes up to a year in advance, so make sure you are able to get who you want. A Florida wedding band, for example, may be booked solid throughout the year with the state in perpetual nice weather, while an Illinois wedding band may have more availability in the winter months, depending on your dates. 


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