Your Live Wedding Band Is Taking COVID Precautions!

by | Mar 8, 2021

At the beginning of last year, you had your wedding booked, and everything was falling right into place easily; what could go wrong? COVID-19 rears its ugly head, and suddenly, life is turned upside down, for you, your fiancé, for the entire world. As if a pandemic was not enough, you are now faced with what to do with all the event planning that went into your wedding. How do you tell family members to cancel their flights, tell the caterers they will no longer be needed? 


Fast forward almost a year later to 2021, a vaccine is being introduced to the public, restaurants are starting to open again, and you are eager to get your wedding back on track. The first thing you might be hesitant about is having that live wedding band you always wanted. Well, if you are in the Orlando area and are looking for an Orlando wedding band that is taking COVID-19 seriously, look no further. We at Florida Music Group are here to help you with all your wedding band needs while taking COVID-19 safety precautions seriously.


Live Wedding Band

While some people are okay with having the Spotify playlist ready to roll at their reception, many people look for that live music that you do not get from a phone or DJ. Live wedding bands add a completely new dynamic to the whole vibe of a celebration. Live music is not something that you should write off from your picture-perfect day. Do not let COVID-19 ruin your big day; many Orlando wedding bands are eager to get back to work and are willing to go through all the safety precautions to do so. Most bands are willing to go above and beyond what you ask of your attendees to provide you with live music; give them a chance!


Florida Music Group

At Florida Music Group, we can provide you with a choice between one of four bands; all of them will be taking serious precautions to make sure they are ready for the event COVID free. Our premier band, The Headliners Band, is an eccentric over-the-top band that can play anything from Motown to contemporary top hits; if you are looking to impress, this is the band for you. The Hit Factory Band brings all your favorite hits to you; literally, they love to interact with the crowd. Miami Beats is a bilingual band that will bring that Miami spice from the nightclub to your wedding; if you want to dance the night away, this is the band for you. The Finesse Band are Florida locals, and you can tell if you want an Orlando wedding band to represent Florida at your wedding; book the Finesse Band today.


COVID-19 Precautions

We know how important it is to be ready for the date you have set. Our bands take all the precautions beforehand, making sure they are not exposed to anyone with COVID. If they are, we use COVID tracing to make sure the band can still perform. All of our bands have many members, so if one does contract COVID, it is not the end of the performance. We practice social distancing and expect people at the wedding to do so unless rapid tests are being taken prior. We are tested before the event and wear masks diligently to prevent the spread of the virus. Using these procedures, we make it certain we can be there on your wedding day.


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