Is Your Venue Perfect For Live Wedding Music?

by | Mar 1, 2021

So you’re ready to say, “I do.” That’s great news! Now sit back and enjoy it for a minute…okay, minute’s over, now you’ve got work to do! If you’re like most people, planning a wedding is probably the first big social event you have ever planned. Maybe it’s even the only social event you have ever planned. 


It’s overwhelming, but don’t worry because we’ve got you covered. Florida Music Group combines top Florida wedding bands under one roof. We value honesty and professional integrity as well as artistry and musicianship. For live wedding music, we offer a variety of acts that encompass a range of styles, energies, and presentations. Now that you’ve figured out the entertainment, let’s talk about venues. 


Does The Venue Allow Live Wedding Music? 

Not all venues allow live musical performances. If you don’t ask upfront, you could be in for a shock later. Make sure you know the rules before making final decisions. 


After confirming that live music is allowed, ask to see where the performance will take place. You want to consider the size of your guestlist relative to the performance space. Will the guests be crammed right up next to the band? Or is the room much larger than your guestlist requires? Either circumstance can present challenges to sound quality. 


Of course, it may not be possible to find a perfect space. Because you chose Florida Music Group, you know that your Florida wedding band is experienced working with different rooms and setups. Experience can be the difference between blown-out eardrums and a mind-blowing dance revolution!  


When Do You Want Live Music 

Often overlooked is the flow of events. In other words, when do you want live music? The reception is the most commonplace, but what about the ceremony? Will music play as guests enter, or only when the ceremony commences? 


Live music may be incorporated at other points throughout the day like during cocktail hour or perhaps the next morning at a wedding brunch. When selecting a venue, allow yourself space to consider all the possibilities for live music. Consider things like space and logistics in the different areas throughout the venue. Don’t let space restrictions keep you from the wedding of your dreams.  


Providing The Best Showcase For The Best Florida Wedding Band 

Finally, when you’re looking for the perfect venue, there’s a couple of things you want to make sure you have in place before you book. 

  • Stage 
  • Dance Floor 
  • Wedding Coordinator


Contact Us 

Weddings can be overwhelming. Everyone is coming to support you, and you want to make sure they feel appreciated. Throwing a great party is the best way you can thank guests for their support. Florida Music Group combines the best live wedding music under one roof. Our musicians bring talent and artistry, along with professionalism and experience. When you hire us, know yours is the best Florida wedding band available. Contact us and let us make your wedding the experience of a lifetime.