Why You Should Consider Live Wedding Music at Your Reception

by | May 4, 2020

Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life, and planning a wedding can be extremely complicated. Planning such an event includes many decisions that have to be made, like what kind of food to serve, how many people to invite, what sort of venue to book. 

What kind of entertainment and music a couple will play is one of the biggest decisions that they will have to make when planning their wedding. The entertainment that you select will set the feel of your entire event, but more importantly, so will the way that you choose to deliver the songs. Formal nuptials and large celebrations call for a live band. After all, if you’ve decided to invest in a large event with all the trimmings, a live band is not something to skimp on! Read on to figure out which one best fits your style, and to look at the unique styles Florida Music Group provides.  We offer the best wedding bands in Orlando, and our wedding bands get booked to perform all around the U.S.! Call Florida Music Group to book your live wedding music today!


Comparing Wedding Bands


A live band is the classic choice for wedding music and choosing to hire a live band will give your event a more formal feel, which is especially fantastic when it comes to black-tie or semi-formal weddings. Live music creates an energy and feel unparalleled by other entertainment options.  A truly amazing live band can take this even higher creating momentum and moments that only a specialized top group can offer. Here are some pros of hiring a top wedding band:

  • Give your event the upscale recognition it deserves – A band makes your wedding more formal and upscale, a true celebration of one of the biggest and most important events in a lifetime.  The best live bands know how to keep your guests engaged and entertained from the minute the doors to the reception open until the final send-off.  Great live bands are able to switch things up on the spot and read the room, making sure everyone is having fun. The fantastic wedding bands Florida Music Group offers also offer highly experienced MC skills; our lead singers are great at MCing an event and keeping things flowing smoothly. After all, they’ve already commanded your crowd’s attention with their tunes, so it’s a song to introduce toasts and first dances.
  • Special dances performed in a special way – Nothing is more heartfelt for you and your guests than a truly amazing live band performing your First Dance.  Just imagine the emotion felt when a truly amazing singer and band perform your special song for just the two of you!  There is an emotion felt by the entire room when a great performer puts their heart and soul into a song, and this is simply not achieved any other way.  Moments such as these are lost when couples use other entertainment options such as a DJ, as the expression and dynamic form a live performer are missing, and the delivery feels lackluster in comparison.
  • Epic parties – Anyone who has ever thrown an upscale party or has attended an event with a truly extraordinary live band knows that entertainment is the key ingredient. This can make the difference from an event that is bad or cheesy, to an event that is unforgettable and epic.  This can make the difference of guests leaving right after the main course, to guests having the time of their lives as young, old, and everybody in between interacts on the dance floor!  Having live music is an important step towards the latter.
  • Cost – Many well-known wedding publications dwell on everything except the entertainment often focusing on the decor, table settings, and floral arrangements.  This is where most of their advertiser’s dollars are spent so it’s understandable.  While these things are certainly important, they are not the things that you and your guests will remember and be talking about for years to come after the party is over.  It is the interaction and fun had between you, your family members, and closest friends, it’s the moment that you shared!  And while the table settings may look grand, that won’t keep you and your guests entertained for the four-hour reception.  One of the biggest regrets couples have after the fact is not putting more of their budget into the one thing that can truly set their party apart from the norm – top entertainment!

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