3 Tips To Prepare For Your Wedding Dance Choreography

by | Dec 7, 2020

Will you be tying the knot soon? With all the excitement over the proceedings, one of the most anticipated events of the night is the first dance between the bride and groom. The question is, do you wing it and risk looking adorable but silly? Or do you enlist some basic choreography while the wedding band plays and wow the crowd with your first dance? We at Florida Music Group in Orlando have compiled three tips on how you and your new bride or groom can prepare for this important and exciting feat of choreographic genius.  


Practice, But Not Too Much


After you and your significant other have picked your favorite song to kick off the dance, it’s time to practice. Remember that no matter how good the band is, the song won’t be exactly the same as the recorded version. You and your mate can expect the timing to be off a little, and that’s okay. Just go with the flow if something has subtly changed. You may even be able to practice your choreography with the band itself, and get a feel for the organic nature of a live performance. Keep in mind that no matter how many practice sessions you conduct, timing will not be precise when you dance at the wedding. 


Listen Effectively


We’ve all heard that dancing is as simple as following the beat. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. In a live band setting, your dance choreography should be more focused on following the words of the performers, than trying to match your moves with the varying beat of the band. As stated above, the live proceedings will sound great, but not the same as the recorded version of the song. Concentrate more on the words, and you’ll be better off. It’s also not a bad idea to talk with your band in advance and plan when they begin playing the signature song. It will greatly affect how your dance is choreographed if they begin playing the second you walk in as opposed to when you and your new life partner step onto the dance floor. 


It Won’t Be Perfect


You can practice and plan as much as you want, but in the end it’s all about having fun. If you or your partner are not naturally gifted dancers, it’s very possible mistakes will be made and that’s okay. This goes for the wedding band as well. As good as your choreography may be, the performers may flub a note or two and it may slightly alter your moves. In that case it’s best to go with the flow, do some improvised moves, or just kiss your mate in a spontaneous gesture of love. Your wedding is a celebration of a beautiful relationship, and beauty also entails having some flaws. If you feel nervous about what could go wrong, think about your partner and the appreciation and love you have for each other. Like any piece of dance choreography, it will all be okay in the end!


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Your wedding should be a joyous and uplifting day. If you and your partner want to wow the crowd on your first wedding dance,  follow the simple tips above and you’ll be on your way to a memorable piece of choreography. Don’t forget to match your perfected moves with skilled live performers in Orlando, like the ones available at Florida Music Group. We have built a reputation for exemplary customer service, artistry, and honesty in the industry. Contact us today in Orlando for more information on our services. Make your wedding dance one to remember!