How To Select Wedding Music For Your Ceremony!

by | Aug 24, 2020

Have you started planning for your upcoming wedding? One thing you can’t ignore is the entertainment you want to have headlining your wedding venue to create an out-of-this-world musical experience. We at Florida Music Group are a Miami-based company with several A-list bands we can recommend–all with spectacular vocalists, musicians, and performers that will redefine what you expect when you hear the term “wedding music.” This is meant to be one of the biggest — if not the biggest — nights of your life, so why not go all out to celebrate it with style? From our Orlando wedding band experienced in performing for international theme park attendees to the hot Miami Beats who can bring that spicy Miami culture to life on the stage, we have some amazing options.


How to Pick Your Wedding Music Each Step of the Way

What’s interesting about weddings when it comes to music is that it’s not just one big celebratory party on stage. There are several elements that make a wedding the event that it is, and you’ll want to think about each of the major steps to decide on what music to play. Whether you want something modern or classic, here are some steps to follow:

  • Prelude Music
    • This is what will play while your guests are seating themselves for the ceremony. Pick something light and jovial to lift everyone’s spirits in preparation for the event ahead.
  • Processional Music
    • This is the music you’ll hear while the wedding party walks down the aisle. The rule of thumb is to go with something that matches their walking pace to avoid rushing or dragging out this step. Traditionally, this is followed by the bride’s processional, which adds more drama to build up to the main event. We know not everyone will have a traditional wedding, though, so think about how to incorporate that drama before the big moment otherwise.
  • Interlude Music
    • This form of music is optional, based on what you’re looking for. Rather than background music, this is more transitional music that will create an auditory flow that conveys the emotions of love and joy throughout the audience.
  • Recessional Music
    • The party starts now! You’re married, and it’s time to celebrate with fun, upbeat music that will keep everyone dancing and having a great time. It’s all about your own personal tastes and styles at this point, so go with something each of you can appreciate.
  • Postlude Music
    • This is essentially everything that plays after–the fun music lingering guests can dance to and have a blast with while everyone revels in the celebration.


Why Live Band Music is Perfect

The greatest thing about live music is that you’re working with performers who can cater to and adapt to your needs. You’ll get to communicate with them to ensure the music is perfect during the event, and they’re also able to read the atmosphere and ensure no attendee is left behind when it’s time to celebrate. Moreover, live music fills a venue in ways other forms of music simply can’t do. You and your guests will physically feel the music, and the live performance will accompany that music to make your wedding feel like a concert dedicated to you. Take a look at our selection of musical experts from our Orlando Wedding Band, to the Finesse Band, to The Hit Factory which will have you dancing to dynamic vocalists.


Contact Us to Hire Your Orlando Wedding Band

Ready to invite the amazing music styles of Orlando’s Finesse Band? With experience entertaining international visitors of Orlando’s many theme parks and resorts, this band will provide some of the most exciting and versatile wedding music that can compliment the tastes of everyone at your venue. To learn more, you can contact us at Florida Music Group headquartered in Miami for more details or other amazing band options from around this beautiful sunshine state.